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September 22, 2020

Blood Suckers Slot Game Review

Are you a vampire fanatic like a significant percentage of today’s population seems to be? Are you also a gamer who enjoys the simultaneously soothing, exciting, and engaging slots form of gambling? Well, then you may just get a real kick out of the game Blood Suckers. The dark, gruesome theme of the game is filled with plenty of dark figures and bloody characters. It borders on the edge of goriness with an artistic touch that makes it perfect for those who love popular culture vampire shows and movies like “True Blood” from HBO and the ever-popular “Twilight” movies.

However, if you are looking for any of that sappy and romantic type of thematic elements, then you will be disappointed. This game is dedicated to the darkness that surrounds vampire lore. It will frighten you how much attention they paid to the minute details that keep this game entertaining for hours on end. Blood Suckers has plenty of wildly dark characters to amuse you along your gaming journey through the shadowy landscape of symbols.

Software – NetEnt
Pay lines – 25
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.25
Max Bet – $50.00
Jackpot – 45,000
RTP – 98%

Slot Game Features

The characters in this game start with the 3 male vampires of varying levels of ghastly appearances. The first is a well-dressed, centuries-old vampire who appears ever youthful in his purple coat with a puffy white shirt beneath and holding a wine glass full of blood. He is flashing his fangs in a grim smirk that will send shivers down your spine.

Then, there is the more old school art appearing character symbol of a pirate-esque looking vampire in a red turban that is giving you the dead-eye stare meant to dig deep into your soul. Finally, the last male vampire is a Nosferatu resembling character standing with his arms crossed over his chest as if he has just risen from his casket in that impossible fashion of which vampires always appear in many movies, and he is flashing his long, sharp fingernails that beckon you in a mesmerizing way.

Next, is the female vampire queen symbol. She is highlighted by a blueish glow from the moonlight, and her dark gaze pierces your soul as she stares right through you with an eerie bloodthirst in her eyes. She has vampiric bat-like wings behind her that have a sharp claw-point at the top which just exaggerates the sharpness of the Victorian-age resembling picture symbol.

There are plenty of other symbols like a clove of garlic, a blue vial of some sort of potion, a crossbow with wooden arrows, and a bible with a silver cross rosary on top of it. The pay scale starts at the bottom with the garlic, then goes the crossbow, bible, and atop the lower-paying symbols is the blue potion.

The higher paying character symbols pay scale starts at the bottom with the queen, then the next level up is the Nosferatu lookalike, then the ponytail sporting vampire with the glass of blood, and the top paying character symbol is the pirate-like and turban-wearing vampire.

There is also an amazing wilds symbol that is a picture of a male vampire going in for the kill. He is just on the verge of sinking his teeth into a pretty, young woman with pale, pink skin. When you win with the wilds symbol it flashes over to another picture that is a close up of the post-bite scenario with the fangs just coming out of a neck and an animation of blood dripping from both fangs and neck. This wilds symbol can stand for any other symbol to complete any winning combination except for the scatter symbol. Also, you can simply match several wild symbols in a row for a pay line and that will win you the highest amount of any matching symbol payout with a peak of 7,500 coins for matching 5 wilds symbols in the same pay line.

The scatter symbol is a vampire bride highlighted by a full moon and with a bloody hand outstretched towards you as if to grab ahold of you to satisfy her bloodlust. Landing on 3 or more scatter symbols on any of the 25 set pay lines will win you a set of free spins. The number of free spins is 10 for 3 scatter symbols in a pay line. Then the number of free spins goes up to 20 for 4 symbols and 30 free spins when you land on 5 scatter symbols in any of the pay lines. There is also a multiplier that gets added to this, and any amount won during the free spins is at least tripled.

Bonus Game

The final symbol is the bonus game symbol. Just like the scatter and wild symbols this symbol is a picture symbol with the word “Bonus” printed at the bottom. The image is of a wooden stake and a wooden hammer crossed over each other making an “X” pattern. When you land on 3, 4, or 5 bonus symbols in any pay line you trigger the bonus game. In the bonus game, you go down into the catacombs and enter a large stone room full of caskets. You click on the caskets one at a time to open them, and as soon as they open you either see a vampire or an empty white satin lining with a bat flying out to escape (which could be a vampire escaping, but there is no way of knowing for sure and it is just part of the mysteriousness of the game).

If you open a casket and see a vampire, then you immediately pull out a wooden stake and drive it through their heart. With the thrust of the stake entering the vampire’s chest, there is splattering of blood all over, and it even splashes down on the ground where the stain remains for the rest of the bonus round.

Each vampire is worth a set amount of coins for defeating them, and you can win anywhere from 10 to 2500 coins. Although, as soon as you open an empty casket your bonus round is over, and all of your winnings are calculated up by being added together to show you the total that you won for that round.


You can enjoy this wonderfully grim game anywhere you go with NetEnt or there other great games like Jack Hammer or Gonzo’s Quest, making it into a mobile version that is available with a vast number of the online casinos. It is a wonderfully sanguinary game for those who like that sort of thing, and the attention to detail makes this a wonderful choice for any gaming session.

You will love the spine-tingling and cringe-worthy features that will pierce your soul repeatedly as you get a bit giddy from the number of wins that occur. In fact, with such a high RTP, you will win quite often. Although, the wins are not huge, and the jackpots are mediocre. That is why it is a good thing that you will win often and all those small to medium-sized wins add up making it possible to make out like a bandit from a session with this game.

Blood Suckers is full of blood-sucking fun that is as gloomy as it is profitable. The Victorian-like architecture of the images in the game adds an air of respectable darkness to them and gives off a grisly, macabre feeling to the gameplay that is sure to entertain those with a sanguineous lust. If you are a fan of the vampire theme, then you will absolutely love this game. It abandons the heavyhearted romance of typical vampire products in exchange for a horrific version that is appealing to many; this includes many from the vampire fan realm and goes up to those with just an attraction to grim games.

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