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September 28, 2020

Book Of Oz Slot Game Review

This mysterious slot game was designed based on Frank L. Baum’s storybooks that took place in the land of Oz. It was not based on the movie The Wizard of Oz with Dorothy and Toto getting sucked up by a tornado. The slot features the mysterious Oz character as the only character symbol, and he is showing off his magical side. Then, the surroundings of this game are centered around the idea of the Emerald City, a magical place where everyone lives happily knowing they have everything they could ever dream about supplied by the mysterious wizard who leads the city and lives in the Emerald Castle.

The magician-like wizard entices you to play along with his exploits to share his gifts with the world and does a fantastic job of rewarding you for doing so. The features in this game are quite amazing and they all add together to build a wonderful storybook feel just like they were meant to do. The books were not so much children’s books, just like the game is not meant for kids, unless you count those of us who are kids at heart. We fell in love with this slot and its various mystifying aspects that create the enigmatic feel of being swept away to a charming land where all your dreams can come true.

The symbols that make up this 5-reel, 3-row, and 10-pay line slot feature the classic 10 through A symbols for the base set of the game plus some of the marvelous wizardly symbols that add to the games witching appeal. The higher paying symbols include to start with, three different potions that are each meant to give a person supernaturally acquired traits such as love, courage, and wisdom. Then, there is the wizard himself who is conjuring up a green swirl of magical current and finally, there is a book meant to symbolize the books that this game was based around, a nod back to Frank L. Baum himself and which act as both a wild and a scatter symbol.

When you land on the lower paying symbols and match up 3, 4, or 5 of them in one of the 10 pay lines, you are rewarding with 5 to 150 times your wager amount for that spin. On the other hand, if you land on a 2, 3, or 5 of the potion symbols, then you will win an incredible 5 to 750 times your wager for the intelligence and love potions or 5 to a fantastic 2,000 times your wager for the courage potion combinations. The wizard himself is the top paying symbol for the game and he can garner you a life-altering 5,000 times your wagered amount for the spin that lands 5 of them in a single one of the 10 preset pay lines.

Software – Microgaming partnered with Triple Edge Studios
Pay lines – 10
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.10
Max Bet – $100.00
Jackpot – 5,000 x wager
RTP – 96.28%

Slot Game Features

The only real feature to the Book of Oz game has to do with buying extra spin opportunities. It is a “Respin” feature that allows you to buy an extra spin of a single reel after a spin has been completed. This is great for those times when you land on all but one symbol to make a winning combination, or when you land on 3 or 4 of a symbol and want to try for a bigger payout by landing that same symbol on at least one more reel. It gives you the ability to use a small amount of your bankroll to go for a higher chance at winning a payout because you can spin only one reel and try for one particular symbol to land in the hopes of winning that big payout.

Say for example you landed on 4 of the wizard character symbols and you wanted to try for the biggest paying combination in the entire game, in this case, you could pay a set amount to respin that last reel and try to land another wizard symbol on it. You can respin as many times as you feel is worth it to you. Although, most who have talked about this game say that you should only respin one time in the hopes of landing a symbol. Some others would say that that is a personal preference and as long as it seems worth the price to you, and you haven’t spent your entire bankroll on one spin trying to finish a huge paying combination, then the choice is totally yours. If you think the payout is worth multiple attempts to respin a single reel or even two independent reels, then, by all means, spend the extra coin to have that opportunity.

A common instance to use this special feature is when you land on 2, 3, or 4 scatter symbols and want to land on one or more scatter symbols more than that. There is a good reason for people to use this feature for this scenario, and it has to do with the only other real feature in the game, the bonus round.

Bonus Game

When you land on at least 3 of the Oz book symbols, which doubles as both the scatter and the wild symbols, then you trigger a bonus round of free spins. The number of free spins you are awarded depends on the number of the book symbols you land on. If your spin results in 3 scatter symbols, then you get 10 free spins and if you land on 4, then you get 12 free spins. The real kick in the pants win takes place when you land on 5 of the Oz book symbols because when this happens you receive a fantastic number of free spins, a whopping 25 spins. This can be incredibly lucrative when you consider that each spin could result in a single win of 5,000 times your wager amount. So, combined you could win 50,000 times your wager in the lowest form of just 10 free spins being triggered. This amount is highly unlikely, but the possibility is there and also the possibilities are endless, as long as you are spinning the reels you have a shot at winning some tremendous amounts.

The free spin bonus round can amazingly go on endlessly because you can retrigger additional free spins to add to the original amount by landing on 3 or more scatter symbols during any one of your free spins. The spins can just keep piling up when you continue to land on more scatter symbols over and over. The fact that you can retrigger the free spin feature endlessly is a unique and extremely beneficial fact that should not be overlooked when choosing to respin a single reel again trying to land that third scatter symbol in the 5 x 3 field of the game’s symbols. They do not even have to land in the same pay line to trigger the free spin feature, but rather just anywhere in the field of play 3 or more Oz book symbols have to be showing.

The way you can end up winning this max paying outcome has to do with the Sticky Symbols’ aspect of the free spin bonus round. When you first trigger the free spin function in the game, it automatically chooses a symbol at random to become a sticky symbol for the entire length of the free spin bonus round including any subsequent free spin bonus round additional spins. The sticky symbol will, when landed on in any of the game’s reels after a free spin, will fill up the entire reel it appears on by taking up every space and turning them into that symbol to create as many winning combinations as possible. This can become humongous winning payouts when you land on multiple sticky symbols in a free spin because all those reels will then be full of the same symbols.

In fact, using the Respin feature, which is still active and available during the free spin rounds, you could potentially land on all of the same symbols in every single space available in the entire field of play. You could in theory land on 15 of the same symbols and land a maximum paying winning combination for each of the 10 pay lines. Now, imagine that the sticky symbol chosen for your bonus round was the wizard character symbol that pays the most for combinations of 3 or more in the same line. If you were to fill up 3, 4, or even 5 reels with this symbol using the Sticky Symbols and the Respin features, then you would make some extraordinarily large payouts occur. You could even win the maximum jackpot payout repeatedly and make some astonishing winning amounts for the sum of your free spins.


In all, the Book of Oz game is a wondrously magical game with plenty of opportunities to land some major payouts using the various features that the game includes. The rarest of these features would have to be the Respin ability because there are very few games where you can buy an extra spin of a single reel to land on the largest paying combination possible. It opens up a whole new world of gaming with methods and madness all its own. You have to decide how many attempts are worth it or you could spend your entire bankroll on just one spin trying to finish the combination that almost landed as a result of the original spin.

We should also mention that the higher the payout that a Respin could trigger, the more it will cost to spin that reel again. So, if you are going for that fourth or fifth wizard character symbol, then expect to spend close to your wager or possibly even more to buy that respin chance each time you attempt it. So, you can see how it can end up costing you a pretty penny to use this feature, especially if you use it multiple times in a feverish attempt to win the combination that is just on the verge of paying out a huge win to you.

This game is a wonderful example of a partnership originating slot game and the combination of Microgaming plus Triple Edge Studios equates to a killer game execution. They did everything well, with attention paid to even the smallest details of the graphics, sounds, and animations. Everything was so well designed and put together so seamlessly that you will barely notice that it emulates the Book of Dead setup that many games are built upon nowadays. That is because of all the unique attributes that built around that template to create the magical world of Oz and the beautiful Emerald Castle where you play at your chances to strike it rich. Striking it rich is always the goal of playing any slot game, and with this game, that outcome seems to be right there at the tips of your fingers and at the click of your computer’s mouse.

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