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September 1, 2020

Dead or Alive Slot Game Review

Take your chances out in the old wild west in the good old days when times were tough and the people were tougher with Dead or Alive. This amazingly fun and straightforward slot is set against a backdrop of the old western ranch looking out from the front porch towards the mountains, and watching a storm come rolling in with all of its thunder roaring and lightning flashing. The soft soundtrack builds up your anticipation without you even realizing it is happening until you suddenly realize you have slid out to the edge of your seat in the excitement of what might happen next.

Although Dead or Alive is not that packed with distinctive special features, it does have a couple, and what it does have is a blast to see occur on the screen during your game. So, if you are one for a more simple slot that does not take up a lot of thinking power to follow along with everything that is happening with each and every spin of the reels, then this is the game for you. Everything is laid out in a very intuitive interface and it has all the regular features of any video slot nowadays including a max bet button, and it is complete with an auto spin function that can let the reels go for up to 1,000 spins without you needing to do anything but watch. Or, if you are a more interactive player who likes to change up their bets all the time, then you surely can play it however you like.

Software – NetEnt
Paylines – 9
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.09
Max Bet – $18.00
Jackpot – 2500
RTP – 96.82%

Slot Game Features

There are all the regular features you would expect from any NetEnt video slot nowadays, and that includes scatters, wilds, free spins, and sticky wilds. To start with, when the wanted poster symbol appears on any real it is a wild symbol that can stand for any other symbol except one, the scatter symbol, to make any winning payline combination and even has a payout of its own when you land three or more in the same payline. You will be cheering for that wanted poster to land because when it does your chances of having a winning spin increases by a noticeable amount.

Other symbols you will see include the typical 10, J, Q, K, and A which offer payouts if landed 3 or more times in the same payline starting from the leftmost reel and counting out to the right. Although, landing one of the payouts for these symbols is nothing to write home about, but there are some that will leave your head spinning.

For instance, this slot features a bunch of higher-paying wild western themed symbols that include shots of whiskey, pairs of cowboy boots, a wide-brimmed cowboy hat, the sheriff’s star-shaped badge, and also the pistol in its holster. Each of these has its own payout scale for landing 3, 4, or 5 of them in a row in any of the pre-set 9 paylines in the game, with the sheriff’s badge being the most lucrative. Landing a full 5 sheriff’s badges in a payline will land you a sizable jackpot of 1,000x your bet.

Bonus Game

The only bonus game feature on Dead or Alive happens when you land on 3 or more of the scatter symbols, which looks like a belt buckle with two pistols laying with their barrels crossed. When this happens, you trigger 12 free spins with some extras included. First of all, you can trigger an extra 6 spins on top of the first 12 when you land on a wanted poster during your free spins round. This is the wild symbol and when it appears during your first 12 free spins it does two things.

First, it sticks to that space for the remainder of the bonus round, and second, it triggers an additional 5 free spins in which it will still be stuck in that space. Plus, any more wanted posters you land on during these 17 free spins turn into sticky wilds and stay in place for the rest of the round. This means that if you keep landing on wanted posters, then you can have a screen filled with wilds that are stuck in place and trigger payouts whenever they make up a winning combination in a payline. When the winnings are calculated for each spin and you have a bunch of sticky wilds on the reels, then the highest payout for any payline is what they calculate for your winning amounts.

Finally, as a piece’ de’ resistance, they add up all your prize money from the whole entire bonus round after all your free spins are completed and then the game automatically doubles it all! So, you get twice the amount you would have won normally from every single one of the 12 or 17 free spins. Unfortunately, you can only retrigger the bonus free spins round one time after it has been triggered which will give you a total of 34 possible free spins that will award double the winnings when calculated up at the end of the entire round.


Overall, this is a wonderfully simple and straightforward game that is sure to be a favorite for some people when they are in the mood for such a game and do not want to be overwhelmed with cascading features that are impossible to track or follow as you would find in some of the modern video slots coming into the market. While it can be fun to be surprised with extra winnings when your playing a slot that you did not know about or still do not know how or why you won that money, it is sometimes a lot more fun to play a simple slot with basic bonus features that you can learn in a matter of a couple of minutes.

That way you can track everything that is happening while you are playing the slot, and Dead or Alive is the perfection of this concept for game design. The straightforward bonuses add to an air of simple sophistication that has amazing little touches added in that really make all the difference in setting this game apart. The music choice, the sound effects, and some hidden visual effects that you will have a blast discovering for yourself—but we will give you the hint to watch the wanted posters during sticky wilds—all add up to a wonderful gaming experience that is worth your valuable time and money especially if you are a fan of the classic wild west theme.

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