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September 1, 2020

Jack Hammer Slot Game Review

This visual gem of a slot has a wonderfully fun theme of the old technicolor comic books of the past. The visual feast is full of colorful characters and interesting storyline symbols that all add to an action-packed, entertaining game session that can easily eat away hours of gaming time as you attempt to hit that gigantic $750,000 jackpot win. With all the interesting still frame symbols hint at a moving storyline about our main character, a private eye named Jack Hammer, and his ongoing battle to keep his nemesis, a mad scientist named Dr. Wuten, from poising the city with this noxious concoctions.

The game is extremely visual, and you will enjoy the colorfully intricate yet simple symbols that come rolling by on the reels in front of you. The comic book style is fun to look at and to follow along with the various aspects of the gameplay that are all very much entertaining. So, jump in and follow Jack Hammer in his never-ending battle against the evil and malicious Dr. Wuten. Spin the reels and give Jack the tools he needs to defeat Wuten at every twist and turn as he tries to bring death and destruction to an entire city of innocent people. It is no wonder this game is one of the most popular options in the massive Jackpot City selection of games.

Software – NetEnt
Paylines – 25
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.25
Max Bet – $250.00
Jackpot – $750,000
RTP – 96.96%

Slot Game Features

There are many great features that make this game very unique and wonderful. This starts with the symbols themselves. A lot of thought and effort went into creating each of the symbols and you will see that hard work’s payoff in the game as you watch the outcome from each spin. The bonus features start appearing immediately upon your first spin of the reels. This is because if you do happen to land on at least one winning payline, and with 25 possible lines this is easier than on many other slots, then the winning symbols stick into their place and all the rest of the symbols go for a respin. These respins continue on and repeat as long as you add another winning combination to lock into place among the others already stuck in their positions. You could possibly respin your way to landing every single symbol being a Jack Hammer character which would award the incredible sum of $750,000 if you had placed a max bet on the original spin that started it all.

For the other symbols, starting with the lower-paying ones, there are beakers full of colored poison created by the evil Dr. Wuten, his zeppelin which is used to spread the poison over the city, a ringing phone, and newspapers showing the stories of the battle between Jack Hammer and Dr. Wuten. There are also character symbols that pay more when part of winning combinations of 3 or more of the same symbols. These character symbols include Jack Hammer himself in a hat and trench-coat with a gun in hand ready for action; the evil Dr. Wuten with his lab coat, goggles, and twisted snarling grin; there is Jack’s wife on the phone unaware that the evil Dr. is lurking in the background ready for yet another kidnapping attempt; finally, there is the corner newspaper boy flashing the newest story and calling out for people to “ read all about it”. These symbols pay out much higher amounts and Jack is the highest paying of them all. Finally, the last symbol is the exploding bomb symbol that is the scatter symbol for this slot game.

Bonus Game

When you land on 5 or more of the bomb scatter symbols on the reels you trigger the free spins bonus round. The more explosion symbols you land on in your spin, the more free spins you get for the bonus round. It starts at 5 symbols giving you 10 free spins and goes up by 5 free spins for each bomb symbol more than 5 you get. So, 6 scatter symbols gives you 15 free spins, 7 gives you 20, 8 is 25, and 9 or more bomb scatter symbols will earn you the maximum amount of free spins—a total of 30 free spins. This may sound difficult, but with the sticky wins feature where your winning combos stay locked in and everything else goes for respins until you do not get any more winning symbols to lock into place, it is easier than it seems.

Once the number of free spins has been determined your bonus round begins, and the free spins start rolling by. Just like in the regular gameplay, the sticky wins feature is in place and you will get all the additional benefits it supplies. Plus, all your winnings for the bonus round are calculated with a 3x multiplier. This means you win triple the amounts for the same combos in the bonus round as you would have earned if you landed them during a paid-for spin.

Finally, you can retrigger more bonus free spins during an already activated free spins round. They can pile up endlessly if your luck is strong and will earn you huge bonus winnings that are all added up using that 3x multiplier tripling every cent of your awarded currency. With the sticky wins feature added to this, you can start to get a picture of how much money is there to be won on this amazing graphic novel slot game.


In the end, we believe anyone will fall in love with this game, even if they are not comic book fans, just because of the sticky wins feature alone. But add to that the possibility of dozens, maybe even a hundred or more, bonus round free spins which have tripled awarded winnings and you have a powerhouse game that has become a favorite of thousands of gamers. Just give it a chance and after a few spins, we are sure you too will fall in love with Jack Hammer and his quest to stop the evil Dr. Wuten from destroying the entire city and killing thousands with his poisonous concoction.

You will love the colorful symbols that are a great break from the ordinary symbols we have all become accustomed to with so many hundreds of slots using the exact same ones or slight variations of the same symbols. The exciting sound effects will add an air of anticipation to each spin and will have you biting your nails as you watch the sticky wins feature respin every winning combination’s leftover symbols.

Finally, the exploding bomb scatter symbols will have you jumping for joy as you hope for more to hit on the sticky wins respins. Remember that landing on any scatter symbols will trigger sticky wins respins in the hopes of landing at least 5 of them eventually and as long as you keep hitting at least one more with each respin then they will continue to pile up and triggering new respins in the hunt for more bombs.

Overall, this game is an exciting break from reality and the colorful graphic novel symbols are easy on the eyes plus they put you into a whole new world. That world is one full of chaos and order, good and evil, Jack Hammer and Dr. Wuten. The duality of it all will engage you in a way that not many if any, other slots can. It will grab your attention and hold it, possibly for many hours of gaming. If you give this game a try, then you won’t be sorry and it may even become your new favorite slot like it has for so many other players. Now is the time to find out why so many people have fallen in love with Jack Hammer and the only way to do that is to play it yourself.

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