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August 18, 2020

Jumanji Slot Game Review

Based on the classic movie of the same name starring the great actor Robin Williams in his prime, this slot has a few features that get the heart pumping. The board game layout with wildlife characters for the symbols is what you will be greeted with to begin the game. The games less than exciting layout is more than made up for with the number of features in this amazing jam-packed game.

The designers over at NetEnt were definitely full of coffee when they thought up this one because the number of features inside is nearly unheard of compared to other slot games. That’s because there are at least 10 unique game features involved in the all too exciting game of Jumanji. There are 3 different wilds features, 4 free spins bonus round types and so much more that we are hard-pressed to include it all in this review. You may just have to play the game to get Jumanji to let go of all of its secrets. So strap in and get ready for a wild adventure as you journey through the board game of Jumanji.

Software – NetEnt
Paylines – 36
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.01
Max Bet – $720
Jackpot – 140x your wager
RTP – 96.33%

Slot Game Features

The first features to talk about are the wilds features. There are the obvious wild symbols indicated by the word wild printed right there in front of you. That is where the mundane stops and the reel excitement begins. The wilds and free spins bonus features somewhat overlap and its hard to discuss one without the other. So let’s begin with the Sticky Vines feature.

With Sticky Vines, the feature gets triggered at random and when it does a long set of vines creep out and grow into the reels causing whatever pay line just won to become sticky and stay in place, along with any wilds symbols in the field of play as well. Then a single free spin happens and whatever winnings you add to the original winning line get calculated. If you did win more because of the bonus spin then more vines grow claiming those tiles as well and another free spin takes place. This can go on and on until all the spaces are stuck in place and all the winning lines have been added up to create your Sticky Vines bonus round winnings amount which you are then awarded with.

The next feature is the Monsoon Wild bonus. Another one that gets triggered at random and is defined by the sound of a heavy rainstorm comes through your speakers and the water begins to rise. This causes one or two crocodiles to flee their stationary positions and they walk across the field of play and cross over either one or two of the reels, randomly chosen, and turn all the symbols in these reels into all wilds. Then your winnings are recalculated or added to and a free spin gets triggered allowing for even more chances to earn some winnings to add to the Monsoon Wild bonus winnings total that gets awarded to you once everything gets tallied up.

Next up in the bonus features is the Monkey Mayhem bonus round. Another one triggered at random, the monkeys show up making a ruckus and begin rearranging the tiles in the field of play and turn them into at least one winning combination, and possibly more than that. This is a cutesy little quick bonus feature that flashes by rather quick. Then, as quickly and as randomly the monkeys showed up, they disappear.

A fourth bonus feature that can win you some money is the Wild Stampede feature. This one gets triggered during any random spin and you will notice some charging rhinos cross the game as the reels are still spinning and they turn anywhere from 4 to 9 symbols automatically into wilds symbols. This allows you to pick up some decent amounts of bonus winning pay lines.

We were actually able to trigger the Wild Stampede feature on our first spin at Spin Casino when testing this game out for our review. We were playing with a modest $10 at the time and managed to kick that up to just over $100 within our first 20 minutes of playing!

Bonus Game

This is where Jumanji really gets interesting. Landing on 3, 4, or even 5 scatter symbols anywhere on the reels triggers the board game to activate. The first thing is you choose a player piece to represent your progress around the board. You get 6, 7, or 8 rolls of the dice, based on how many scatter symbols you landed on to trigger the bonus round, to begin with.

Now, the game begins by a random roll of the dice and your piece moving around the board however many numbers of spaces you rolled on the two dice. When you finally land on your board piece, you are awarded one of a few different prizes at random. These include some free spin games, instant cash prizes, the mystery feature, extra dice rolls, and more.

The first prize you can win is the Vines Free Spins feature. In this, you get 10 free spins that trigger when you win this. During your free spins, every time you land a winning line a respin is triggered automatically and it doesn’t count out of your 10 original free spins. Plus, the vines are back and they grow out and hold on to any wilds on the board, whether they are part of a winning combination in a pay line or not. These sticky wilds stay in place for the duration of your free spins and can stack up earning you plenty of winning combinations that stack up with each free spin and consequent respin. When it is all done you are awarded all your winnings and return to the dice rolls you have remaining in the original bonus feature.

The next feature that you can win from your dice roll and moving your piece around the board game is the Monsoon Free Spins feature. In this bonus game, you get 7 free spins and the rain and crocodiles are back for another round. With each free spin, the crocs walk out onto the one or two of the reels at random and turn all the symbols on that/those reels into all wilds then a respin is triggered with the remaining reels and your winnings begin piling up for the whole round to be compiled at the end and added to your bankroll before you return to the dice and board game for some more rolls and movements around the board game.

A third possible feature that can get triggered is the Monkey Mayhem Free Spins. In this one, you get 6 free spins and after each spin lands, the monkeys scramble out onto the field of play and scramble all your symbols around, landing you on at least one winning pay line with each spin. Once again, all your winnings get calculated and tallied up then added to your balance as you return to the board game once all 6 spins are finished.

Then there is the Stampede Free Spins game feature. This is run the same way as the regular wilds way just with 5 of your free spins instead of just once with a random spin triggering it. So, the rhinos are back turning symbols into wilds to earn you some extra winnings. Then you are returned to the board game for the remainder of your dice rolls.

Finally, a Mystery Feature can also be activated by your moving around the board game. In this bonus game a wheel pops up in the center of the board game that has all of the other bonus features, as well as some extra dice rolls and cash prizes, and you play this one by spinning the wheel to see which tile you land on at random. Except for any free spins games that you had already played are not available because you can only play each one once during a series of dice rolls. So, after you have played all 4 of the free spins games and land on the Mystery Feature, you will only have other dice rolls and cash prizes that you can land on with your spin of the wheel.

Also, there are extra dice rolls and cash prizes that can be won when you land on your board game slot instead of a free spins game. It is all chosen at random by the random number generator built into the game.


In the end, Jumanji is a fun game with a lot of moving parts and many different ways to win some money. Albeit it may not have the largest win possible, but the frequency of the smaller wins adds up and can equate to a very lucrative gaming session. Plus, fans of the movie will catch many different elements that crossover from the movie to the slot game, and the nostalgic effect is welcomed by many as they have fond memories of watching the movie in the past. It was a good movie, but an even better slot game and one that will have you on the edge of your seat just waiting to see what the Jumanji board game has in store for your next visit to the online casino.

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