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September 28, 2020

Jungle Jim El Dorado Slot Game Review

In this adventurously spirited slot game, you join our main character Jungle Jim as he scours the Amazon rainforest looking for the fabled lost city made of pure gold named El Dorado. Along the journey, you encounter many treasures and dangers that are all represented in the symbols filling up the slot reels. They include Aztec talismans, snakes, raw emeralds, raw sapphires, and many other interesting items that you will just have to play to find for yourself. There is also a wild symbol in this game that can fill in for any other symbol within a pay line to make the highest paying winning combination possible.

Countless explorers have lost their lives over the centuries since the mythological story of a lost city of gold spread throughout the world. It started with the conquistadores who sent a vast number of search parties into the treacherous jungles of South America in search of the untold riches contained in an entire city made of solid gold. Most of those original searchers were never seen nor heard from again after entering the jungle. Although, some did find their way back out of the rainforests with nothing to show for it but nightmare-inducing tales of strange and dark things out there along the tributaries of the Amazon River.

Luckily, in this light-hearted 3D animated adventure led by the lovable Jungle Jim, you have a much better chance of coming out of the jungle with riches beyond your hopes. This is because of the game’s relatively high RTP and a 43% occurrence of landing a winning combination. What this means for you is that in nearly half of all your spins you will win something, and those winning amounts are spread across a wide range that goes from relatively low win amounts of 10 coins all the way up to an incredible max win of 3,680 times your bet amount with a cap at $92,000. That is a life-changing amount for most slot players.

As you chase this amazing jackpot, which you can win by landing on 5 treasure chest symbols in any one of the 25 pay lines. There are obviously 5 reels with 3 symbols on each reel with the preset 25 pay lines for you to land your winning combinations on. The graphics are wonderful and things are made to appear as though they are jumping off the screen in 3D, along with some high-quality animation to keep you entertained and invested with the adventurous spirit of the game. For those of you who play a lot of different slots, this game may remind you of NetEnt’s Gonzo’s Quest as the two games share a lot in common. There are some areas where Jungle Jim is unique though, and it starts with the game’s features which are similar to other great Microgaming titles such as Immortal Romance.

Software – Microgaming
Pay lines – 25
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.25
Max Bet – $25.00
Jackpot – 3,680x your wager with a cap at $92,000
RTP – 96.31%

Slot Game Features

The features that set this game apart begin with the Rolling Reels feature. The way this feature affects the gameplay is that every time you land on a winning combination the paying symbol combination has all the symbols explode and new ones fall from above to fill the gaps as the reels settle once again. You can win again and again this way, racking up many wins for one single wagering spin and it is a great feature for those who love action because it extends the lively motion for every spin you pay for.

In addition to the Rolling Reels, there is the Multiplier Trail that you travel down as you encounter multiple Rolling Reel wins. The way it works is that the more wins you rack up equate to a bigger multiplier for the entire spin. All of your winning combination amounts get added up at the end of the cascade of symbols once the reels settle in and there are no more winning combinations to explode and create any more empty spaces to fill. When this happens, the distance you were able to travel down the Multiplier Trail really makes a difference because it shows how much your total win will be multiplied by.

You start with your initial spin having a 1x multiplier and each time a winning combination explodes and new symbols fall from above to fill in the gaps you take another step forward on the trail which adds a 1x multiplier. So, with your second winning combination you get to a 2x, the third takes you to a 3x, and this goes on up to the 5th win which lands you at the end of the trail with a max multiplier of 5x your total winning amount for that single spin. It remains at 5x, but there is the possibility for your Rolling Reel wins to go beyond just 5 instances of exploding symbols, potentially continuing to rack up winning combination after winning combination endlessly.

Bonus Game

Where your travels along the Multiplier Trail really takes a wild turn and gets going is when our intrepid explorer, Jungle Jim, guides you into some big wins with the bonus round. This all begins when you land on 3 or more of the scatter symbols anywhere on the reels during a spin or subsequent Rolling Reels result. When this happens, you trigger a bonus round with the impressive reward of 10 free spins. During the following 10 spins, you do not pay a cent and the wager is set at whatever it was during the spin that landed the 3 scatter symbols.

The incredible feature of the bonus free spins round is that the Multiplier Trail triples its values. The way this works is that your first winning combination landed on is multiplied by 3x, the second subsequent winning combination results—made possible by the Rolling Reels feature—is multiplied by 6x, the third by 9x, the fourth by 12x, and finally the 5th winning combination results and beyond are all multiplied by a whopping 15x multiplier. This is how you can reach that maximum, life-changing winning amount cap of $92,000 and can actually end up winning more without wagering another quarter because that would be the payout from just one of your 10 free spins during the bonus round.


The journey you embark upon in Jungle Jim’s search for the fabled lost city of gold makes for a fun and engaging game set up with plenty of entertaining features to keep you invested in the outcome of every single spin. There is an autoplay function, like with most modern slots, where you can set the number of spins and wager amount then walk away and let the game run its course on its own. However, you definitely will not make much use of it because you will want to be there watching the resulting wins from your spins and all of the animations that go along with it. The graphics are mesmerizing, the audio track is exciting, and overall, the game makes a wonderful addition to Microgaming’s library of slot titles.

They hit the ball out of the park with this slot, and you should take the time to see what Jungle Jim’s trip to El Dorado can win for you. You may just be surprised by the number of winning combination payouts you end up landing on, even during those shorter spurt gaming sessions where you only have a few minutes or a few dollars to play with. On the other hand, if you have the time and bankroll to play for extended or marathon gaming sessions, then you will love the way the different animations hold your attention along with the number of winning combinations that this game pays out for many players. Either way, you will be happy you took the time to make your own explorer’s journey looking for the treasures that lay within El Dorado.

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