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October 7, 2020

Pink Elephants Slot Games Review

This cutesy little slot game is based on the hallucinatory state created when someone has drunk too much booze and lost their mind. The Pink Elephant slot game is that hallucination that all lushes wish they could reach again. It has warm fuzzy characters and the oddly strong yet soft pink elephants themselves with their blazing pink stare that pierces right into your soul and tells you everything is going to be all right. It is a strange, high-variance slot game brought to you by those innovative minds at Thunderkick Studios who often bring us the wonderfully odd game themes, and this one does not disappoint on that front either.

You will enjoy the 5-reel, 4-row, 4096 ways to win slot game because of how simple and straightforward it is yet with small twists and turns at just the right places to make it very interesting and possibly even highly rewarding too. It can be highly rewarding because it has a maximum payout of 82,000 times your wager for the biggest spin outcome of the game. Just do not expect to get rich right away. The money is all in the bonus game and you have to slog through a whole lot of regular low-paying gameplay to get to that bonus feature. Just be prepared to invest some time and money to reach the bonus round, but when you do it can all pay off in a big way.

Software – Thunderkick Studios
Pay lines – 4,096 ways to win
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.10
Max Bet – $100
Jackpot – 82,000 times your wager for that spin
RTP – 96.10%

Slot Game Features

The game features the regular 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols that payout low amounts and make up a whole lot of the spin outcomes you will see. Then there are four little character symbols. They are meercat-like characters with one boy with green color background, a girl with yellow background and flower in her hair, a blue background chubby toothless boy character, and finally a rasta-esque old hipster with a red background. These symbols are higher paying than the playing card ones but are not the highest paying symbol there is, that is the pink elephant themselves.

These pink elephant symbols feature huge bulging trunks running the height of the tile and covered in African war paint symbols up and down it. This enormous elephant trunk is capped with two beady glowing pink colored eyes that seem to pierce through you and can send shudders down your spine if you stare into them long enough. In all, the high-paying pink elephant symbols are quite unique and bring power to the games namesake symbol that can payout up to 10 times your wager for a full six symbols in a winning combination.

There is a wild symbol that appears just simply as a “W” in the tile and can stand for any other symbol to make up any winning combination possible. It is another way that this game is able to payout continuous small amounts while you are sticking it out for the bonus round to happen, and the game will tease you for a while before letting you see that finally happen.

The 4,096 ways to win feature is what will have you sticking around because you will win a lot of small wins while you await the ultra-lucrative bonus round. To reach the bonus round you just need to land 3 or more of the green glowing peanut scatter symbols. Now, the game has a random mystery scatter symbols feature that can trigger 1 to 5 scatter symbols to randomly appear across the reels and since you only need to trigger 3 or more of the symbols anywhere inside of the playing field, the placement doesn’t matter, this feature can singlehandedly trigger a bonus round by itself, you will just be watching the spin after in utter suspense to find out just how many spins you are going to get.

Bonus Game

The number of spins you get to go through during your bonus game depends on the number of peanuts scatter symbols you land on. For 3 peanuts you get 7 spins, 4 peanuts will get you 11, 5 gets 15, and 6 peanuts scatter symbols anywhere in the playing field will earn you the maximum amount of free bonus game spins of 19 spins.

During these free spins, you have a series of pink elephant earning meters surrounding representations of the four meercat-like symbols on the left-hand side of the playing field. How this works is that you get one of the ten spots that encircle each of the four symbols and every single pink elephant symbol that you land on in the playing field during your free spins fills up one space on the meter. Then when you get all ten of the symbols and complete a circle around a symbol, then all of those symbols in the reels turn into pink elephants. Also, you get one more free spin each time you complete a circle.

As you work your way through all four of the symbols, your chances of winning large payouts increase because you get more and more pink elephants in the field of play. So, the winning combinations just get better and better and the payouts increase dramatically as the number of pink elephants balloons until nearly all the symbols appearing are pink elephants. There are still the playing card symbols, and there are still scatter symbols which is good because you can earn more free spins by landing on 2 or more of the glowing peanut symbols during the bonus round. You get 3 spins for 2 peanuts scatter symbols, 5 spins for 3 symbols, 7 spins for 4 peanuts, 9 spins for 5 of them, and finally, you can get an additional 11 free spins if you manage to land on 6 of the scatter symbols anywhere in the field of play.


In conclusion, the Pink Elephant game from Thunderkick Studios is quite a psychedelic trip that does what it is meant to do by giving you a peek at the demented states that can be caused by a serious drunken binge by a lush of epic proportions. The base game is a little slow and underwhelming, with a lot of small payouts happening more often than not and they keep you sticking around for the extended times that drag on between the ultra-payout inducing free spin bonus rounds that make the game worth its weight in precious metals.

The pink elephants stick out as the stand-out feature of the game, and when you manage to fill all four meters in the bonus round and all the character symbols become elephants you will see huge payouts spin after a spin and they will add up to combined mega payouts, maybe even landing that maximum spin where you win 82,000 times your wager amount for the spin that triggered the bonus round, to begin with.

With the high variance, you will find yourself playing with the bet amounts and trying to drag through the long series of base game wins with smaller hedged wagers and trying to guess when the big bonus round will be triggered by upping your bet amount every once in a while when you feel the urge. Just be careful to stick to your budget and do not let the intense build-up of thinking that the bonus game has to be close because it can still be a ways away no matter how long it has been since the last one, or it could be the next spin. Make a budget, stick to it, vary your bets, and have fun trying to hit that life-changing win on Pink Elephants.

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