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September 22, 2020

Reel Rush Slot Game Review

If you are a lover of bright, vibrantly colored slot games, then this will instantly become one of your favorites. Reel Rush is a stunning visual feast that has plenty to offer any gamer. It features an innovative design that may just make it the game that changes the course of slot game designs in the future. Right off the bat, you get the sense that this game is different than the other slots you have become accustomed to playing.

When you open the game, you immediately are presented with a 5 by 5 grid of blocks with some showing the games brightly colored symbols and some showing the “R” logo design that is representative of the game. Those blocks with the games logo on them are in a sense blocked while the others are open. The way they are arranged is that the center blocks of columns 1 and 5 are open while the 4 symbols in those columns are blocked. Then, for columns 2 and 4 the blocks on top and bottom are blocked while the center 3 blocks are open. Finally, in the center column, column 3, all 5 blocks are open.

The reels are set up this way for a reason, and it is part of what sets this game apart from the crowd. All of the games wonderfully unique features add up and make this modernized slot a joy to play with for hours upon hours. Plus, it gives you so many ways to win that you will hit paying combinations more often than you would on many other slot games. That is part of the reason the hours can simply melt away as you spin away at the reels on this game. Reel Rush is just that, a real rush.

Software — NetEnt
Pay lines — 45 (During First Spin Per Bet In Regular Gameplay) / 3125 (During Free Spins Bonus Round)
Reels — 5
Min Bet — $0.10
Max Bet — $100
Jackpot — 480,000 Coins
RTP — 96.96%

Slot Game Features

The features of this game start with a wonderful wild symbol. The wild symbol is easy to spot because it simply says “Wild” in a soothing golden color that is laid over a rounded-edges star symbol inside of a block that is filling the rounded-edge square. This wild symbol can be used to complete any winning combination in any of the arrays of pay lines. Also, this wild symbol only does not appear in the first column, but it does show up in any column between the 2nd to the 5th during both the base gameplay and during the bonus round.

Once you set your bet, you can either set the game to play on “Auto-Spin” or manually trigger each spin of the reels. If you choose to continue the game by manually spinning the reels, then you can always stop the reels from spinning at any time by just clicking on the ‘Spin’ button once more after they have begun reeling away. This means you can have complete control over the outcome of each spin, while still being a slave to the randomness of the spinning slot reels.

The symbols are flashy and full of vibrant colors. The lower paying symbols are oval-shaped gem-like blobs of color that come in yellow, red, orange, green, and purple. Landing on 3 or more of these colorful symbols in any of the pay lines will earn you a winning payout at varying levels that depend on which color it is. Then, the highest paying symbols for this slot game are a variety of fruits and berries that all are relatives to the colors of the gem-like oval symbols. The highest paying symbols are the strawberries. These are followed by the pineapple, watermelon, lemons, blueberries, and purple grapes symbols. That is the order of winning payouts for the larger payout winning symbols from the highest to the lowest.

Bonus Game

Now, once you land on a winning combination in any one of the original 45 pay lines that are available on the first spin, the 2nd and 4th blocks in column one open up and you trigger a re-spin. In the re-spins, all of the symbols begin a whole new random selection. If you manage to hit another winning combination of symbols in the first re-spin, then the 2nd and 4th symbols in column 5 open up and become open symbols for a 2nd re-spin. Each time that new blocks open up the number of paylines increase dramatically. They go from 45 to 135 in the first re-spin to 405 in the second, 675 in the third, 1125 in the 4th, and the payline possibilities continue to increase until you reach 1875 ways to win in the 5th re-spin. The re-spins continue to happen, with new blocks opening up 2 at a time until all of the symbols are open for the 5th re-spin. Once this point is reached, a total of 8 free spins in the form of a bonus game is triggered.

During the 8 Free Bonus Spins round, all the blocks on all of the reels are opened up. The columns begin to spin away immediately after that 5th re-spin that hit a winning combination. Once every block is opened up to becoming a game symbol, the number of pay lines available for landing a winning combination increases to a whopping 3125 ways to win. This huge number of pay lines means that the number of winning spins from the 8 free spins increases dramatically from the base game and most players will end up winning more often than not during their bonus game.

With all these available pay lines and the increased occurrence of winning combinations, your payout for the bonus round is more lucrative than many other slots bonus games. This is only increased by the fact that the “Wild” symbols stay available during this bonus round.


Reel Rush is a cartoonish slot game that is both visually stunning and an auditory feast that will fill your senses. The music starts at a sensible pace that keeps you hooked on the outcome of every spin. As you spin, however, and begin to hit winning combination after winning combination that opens new blocks each time, the pace of the music increases. This gets the senses tingling and your heart racing as you try to hit that 5th winning re-spin to trigger those 8 free spins of the bonus round.

There is also an animation when you hit any of the bigger winning payouts. This animation occurs by shadowing of the screen with the words “Big Win” appearing brightly lit up in the middle of your screen. Then the number of coins you have acquired, or the amount of money you have won, appears above those words and counts up from 0 to whatever your big win payout is with a “cha-ching” sound playing over and over as the amount climbs to the peak of your earnings.

All the wonderful aspects of this vividly brilliant game add up to make it one of the most well-designed games of recent times. It is deserving of many accolades, and if you get a chance to play this amazing game, then you should seize the opportunity. You will surely have an exciting time and enjoy every single spin on the kaleidoscope-like reels.

If you are one of the millions of people who enjoyed the soothing nature of the intense rainbow of colors presented in the game “Candy Crush”, then you will quickly fall in love with Reel Rush. The latter just resembles the former, but with its own uniqueness and they are only reminiscent of each other. They are definitely not copies of each other in any way, shape, or form.

In the end, this gem of a slot is well worth your hard-earned money that you budgeted to use for some gaming free time. You will also have a great shot at winning some really generous amounts of cash with all the various features of Reel Rush. It offers plenty of opportunities to win with its frequent payouts because of the nearly 97% RTP. You will have a blast playing this game. Plus it comes highly recommended from many sources, and for good reason.

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