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October 7, 2020

Riders of the Storm Slot Game Review

Immerse yourself in this steampunk world of airships, stormy weather, and a roughneck crew of characters. There is the Harpooner girl, the Engineer, and the Captain, all of which have a character symbol with their image on it that are the higher paying symbols to get combinations of. There is not exactly “pay lines” in the traditional sense of the word because Thunderkick is leading the way in slot game mechanics innovations with this new 243 ways to win feature. Instead of set pay lines, there are combinations of symbols and mixtures/patterns of symbols across a certain number of reels, no matter where within the 5 reels those combinations begin. I know, it may sound confusing, but it really is quite simple and once you get a crack at the game itself you will understand right away how it works and catch on to what the different paying symbol combinations are within just a few spins of the reels.

Back to the storyline, you are a crew of characters traveling through the air on an airship with a storm raging in the background. The thunder, lightning, and rain are all creating an atmosphere of urgency in the game, but at the same time it brings on a calming sense that seems contradictory but it works for the senses. The unique mixture of feelings that the game setup brings about is a pleasant experience. Everything sticks to the whole steampunk style that makes it so interesting and somewhat unique when it comes to slot games. It breaks away from all the pop culture, sweets, and fruits, or any of the more typical slot themes that we have all become so accustomed to, but what did you expect from great releases by Thunderkick who have other great games like Zoom and Tiger Rush.

Software – Thunderkick Studios
Pay lines – 243 ways to win, but not exactly “pay lines” – different mechanics
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.10
Max Bet – $100.00
Jackpot – 26,426 x your wager, only available if you make the right choice for the free spins bonus round
RTP – 96.15%

Slot Game Features

As we mention, there are three character symbols in this amazing style-conscious pokie. You have the mechanical engineer, the hardened harpooner girl, and the esteemed captain – the last of which is the highest paying combination of the three and will earn you 15 times your wager should you manage to land 5 of them in the correct order or placement somewhere in the 5 reels. Other high-paying symbols include a ship’s wheel, a ship’s anchor, and a spear hook tip. All of these other symbols will payout if you land 3, 4, or 5 of them in one of the winning ways available just like the character symbols do, but the most you will earn with these latter symbols is 8 times your wager for 5 of the ships steering wheels in a combination. Rounding out the symbols are the typical low paying 10, J, Q, K, and A symbols, but they pay small amounts for their combinations.

You will be on the edge of the seat when you see another symbol begin to appear, and that is the wild symbol. This symbol can not only stand for any other symbol in the game, but each one also designates a multiplier from 2x to 5x. This means that any combination created using one of these wild symbols will be multiplied by that designated number of times to create big payouts.

Then, there is the randomly activated Mystery Wilds feature that will change the course of your gaming session when you see it happen. The reason for this is because when this feature triggers it makes anywhere from one reel to four reels fil completely up with all wilds and then the other reels spin to create whatever the number of winning combinations you can make of the remaining reels and all those wilds. As you may suspect, there can be a whole lot of winning combinations made if you trigger a Mystery Wilds bonus with three or four reels full of nothing but wild symbols. The only change is that these wilds will not have a multiplier included and so your winning payouts will not be multiplied like regular wilds winning combinations. But that is okay because you can win so many times with all those wilds they more than make up for the lack of multipliers. You will be loving the moment that this feature triggers for your next spin.
However, the wilds symbol is not the only one you will be on the edge of your seat when you see it begin to show up in the results of spin since the reels stop one at a time from left to right, sometimes with an extended period in between them to build up the suspense. The symbol you will really want to see start showing up in numbers is the scatter symbol.

Bonus Game

The scatter symbol is shown by an old school ship’s compass that spins around and then points you due north or south. The direction doesn’t matter, what does matter is the number of scatter symbols you land on because that determines the payout and whether or not you get to enter the bonus game for Riders of the Storm. This is where things get hairy and the storm starts getting the best of you because if you land on 5 of the scatter symbols, then you earn a payout of 200 times your wager amount, plus you get to trigger the bonus game. Four of them only get you one-tenth of that winning amount, landing you 20 times, and finally, three of them gets you double your wager and triggers the bonus game.

The bonus game starts off with you making an active decision that changes the possible outcome of your whole free spins bonus round. You need to choose one of the three characters to play as, and they all offer their own advantages and drawbacks. To start off this decision you can choose the mechanical engineer who gives you 15 free spins with all winning payouts earning a two times multiplier as well.

To top it off, the engineer character symbol is chosen as a stacked symbol for those 15 free spins. For the next choice, you have the tough harpooner girl who’s symbol also becomes stacked and you get a triple multiplier for all your winning payouts playing as her, but you only get ten free spins when you choose to play as her. Finally, you have the courageous captain of the ship’s character. If you pick to play as him, then not only does he become the highest paying stacked character symbol but you also get a five times multiplier to all winnings with those winning payouts. Unfortunately, you only get six free spins with the captain character playing the bonus round.

Your very last option to choose from to start off your bonus round is a random option that will make the decision between the three options for you at random. Just bear in mind that the only way to win the games absolute maximum payout for a spin of 26,426 times your wager you must choose the captain and hit the right combo within those six free spins.

Now, during the bonus round, you have another feature that will help you add to your winnings and that is the Walking Wilds feature. What happens for this is that when you land on a wilds symbol in any of the reels two through 5 they stay lit up when the other winning combinations symbols fade away and they shift one reel to the left and you get a respin on that spin that doesn’t count towards one of your six, ten, or fifteen free spins available. They stay put through all the spins as they walk one reel to the left until they reach reel one and then they disappear and the count comes active again. However, you can land another wild as that one is walking and then they all become Walking Wilds and your count doesn’t come back live again until you have no wilds still on the screen.

Finally, the last aspect that can add to your total winning for the free spins bonus round is if you land on three or more scatter symbols during any of your free spins, then you win some more free spins. You can retrigger more free spins a total of three more times. Also, when you do retrigger more free spins the number of the spins you get comes in at random and can be six, ten, or fifteen spins.


In total, this is a wonderfully inventive pokie that is jam-packed with features and bonuses. You have the wilds multiplier, walking wilds, stacked character symbols, free spins, and retriggered free spins. Plus, the high paying payouts for scatter symbols and character symbols. All of these combine together to create one of the better slot games to be released in a while, and we would expect nothing less from Thunderkick Studios as they often come with the big guns blazing when they make a game release. Since they only release them once in a blue moon you know they take all the extra time to put extra work and effort into all the smallest details. So, what you get is amazing graphics and animations along with superior soundtracks and effects, combined with well planned and thought-out game elements.

What we think is that this is definitely a game you need to put on your “to try out” list. Many people will love the wonderful elements and features of this game, as many of us did as we tried it out ourselves. Some thought the soundtrack was too mellow and repetitive, but that seemed to be the only complaint anyone could muster as we all just wanted to keep spinning away and try to get that bonus round going again to get a chance at that big-time jackpot amount. Give Riders of the Storm a chance and play it sometime. You will have a blast with this one, we are just sure of it.

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