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November 4, 2020

Sherlock of London Slot Game Review

Nearly everyone has heard of the infamous fictional character of Sherlock Holmes, and that is why this game banks such a large swath of fans that have flocked to its 5-reel 25-pay line layout for many of their gaming sessions online. Sherlock himself is featured along with his cheeky sidekick Dr. Watson. Together, the two of them seek to hunt down Sherlock’s all-time nemesis – the evil Professor Moriarty – before he can strike again and rob, kill, extort, or commit any one of several different crimes.

Just like in the original book series, Holmes is a genius-level detective who is a police detective, albeit quite a unique version of one. He plays by his own rules, and so this game does too. The way he approaches every crime scene and evaluates what he sees in front of him that the typically trained eyes would skim right over without even thinking twice about that aspect is a clue that may just be the one thing needed to solve that crime.

This attention to detail is reflected in the gameplay of this wonderful little gem of a pokie from the lesser-known slot game designer RABCAT, and they stay within the lines of a typical Sherlock storyline as he chases down Moriarty and along the way he encounters and arrests a few ancillary characters. The storyline is full of twists and turns and so is the gameplay of this phenomenal slot game that follows the crime-fighting duo’s exploits as they travel across London, leaving chaos in their wake. Just like this slot game that leaves you stunned and speechless after you land one of the many special features included in its design.

Software – RABCAT
Pay lines – 25
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.25NZ
Max Bet – $50NZ
Jackpot – 25,050 x wager
RTP – 96.03%

Slot Game Features

The special features of Sherlock of London are like no other slot we have ever played. First of all, you have the Sherlock character symbol which acts as the Wild for this game. It can stand for any of the other symbols, except the scatter symbol, to create a winning pay line of the highest amount possible.

In addition to being just the Wild symbol, it is the basic trigger for a variety of different features that are unique and surprisingly lucrative most of the time. The first of these features that the Sherlock Wild symbol can unlock is the Connecting Wilds feature. This is one feature that you may not have seen before, or if you have, then you know it is a rarely occurring design element of slot games all over. What happens is that when you land on at least 2 Wild symbols then a pathway is created between the two symbols on the reels and every symbol in between the two Wild symbols along that pathway gets changed into more Wild symbols. Then, the payout calculation for that spin gets refigured, and, finally, the winnings are added to your bankroll before the next spin is ready to take place. This is a fun and seriously high-paying feature that we would not mind seeing much more of being part of any other slot games from all game designers in the future.

Another wonderful special attribute of this game that is associated with the Sherlock Wild symbols of this game is the Double Win feature. In this gaming aspect, if you land on two adjacent Wild symbols on any of the reels, then all the winning pay-lines get doubled in the amount they add to your bankroll. This is a wonderful feature that tends to pay fairly well since you already have two Wild symbols next to each other. This means that the chances of having to pay combination on the reels are highly likely, especially if the Wilds appear in reels 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 because then you automatically have at least three of a kind of at least one symbol for one pay-line. It is, in fact, already a given for a winning payout if those Wilds appear in those reels.

A third special feature of the Sherlock of London pokie is the Bonus Spin. This feature is another one that is also based on the Wild Sherlock character symbol appearing. This time what happens is that if you land on exactly 1 Wild symbol appears on either the first or the second reel, then you get up to two bonus spins. That Wild symbol that triggered the Bonus Spin becomes a sticky wild and stays in place for the two possible bonus spins, the first of which is guaranteed. If you land on another Wild symbol anywhere on the reels with your first bonus spin, then the Connecting Wilds feature is activated and the two Wild symbols create a pathway between them. Then, all the symbols in between those two Wild symbols that are along the path become wild symbols themselves, and then the new payout winning lines get calculated up with that new amount added to your bankroll. That would then mean that the Bonus Spin round is over without the second spin taking place. If the second wild appears adjacent to the first Wild symbol that becomes sticky, then the Double Win feature is activated, all paying combinations get doubled in value and added to your bankroll, and again you do not get the second bonus spin making the round over. If you do not land on another Wild symbol on your first bonus spin, then you get a second bonus spin in the attempt of activating one of the two features one last time. Effectively, this game gives you every opportunity to win some sort of payout.

Bonus Game

There is still one more phenomenal feature available for your enjoyment in this grand Sherlock Holmes’ namesake game. This last feature is quite impressive and can win you a magnum-sized payout because it is the Free Spin feature that is so popular in every game in which it appears. This is triggered when you land on 3 of the scatter symbols of the game which is the symbol of Sherlock and Watson’s characters’ heads appear next to one another.

During the free spin feature that you have just activated, you automatically get 10 free spins following the spin the triggered them. Now, during these extra free spins, a few things will take place. The first is that both the Double Win and the Connecting Wilds symbols features are both in play and ready to take place when you land the right number of Wild symbols or land them in the correct places, but the Bonus Spins feature is not activated. So, during your 10 free spins, you do not get the second and third chances at winning from having enough of your new favorite symbol, the Sherlock looking through a magnifying glass at you Wild symbol.

Another incredible aspect that will attempt to make up for this loss of possibly landing winning combinations is that you get a second Wild symbol during the 10 free spins. This symbol is a character symbol featuring a proud-looking Watson because he just knows that Sherlock is on the case and will catch the criminals who are preventing your wins from occurring. Do not worry though because with Holmes’ observational skills you have every chance of winning a substantial amount of money.


With the all-seeing eye peering through that magnifying glass on the phenomenally lucrative and fan-favorite Wild symbol, you are almost guaranteed to win some decent payouts. Which is indicative of the medium volatility rating that this game has earned along with a reputation for having larger sized average wins, but with less gaming sessions ending in an overall win being the downside.

If you are looking for a game that will drag you into it with plenty of special features designed to win you some good payout winning combinations more often, then this is the game you have been waiting for. It has some of the most intense features. Plus, all of those special features are innovative and fresh to the pokie market. We loved our time testing this game out to bring you this review, and we must admit that we may have gone on playing quite a bit longer than we usually do because the features and general gameplay action of this slot game were so entertaining that we didn’t want to get back to work. (just don’t tell our boss).

You will fall into the storyline as Sherlock and Watson chase down Moriarty and all his criminal cohorts. It sucks you in and does not let go for the entire time you are playing. Your eyes and attention will be permanently glued to the screen while playing this pokie because you will be sitting on your hands in excitement waiting for some more of those magnificent Sherlock Wild symbols to appear on your reels. In fact, if it even goes just a handful of spins without one you would be surprised and get edgy waiting for your next fix of gaming action to activate. Your wins will be top-notch when you choose this slot for your next winning gaming session.

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