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September 8, 2020

Tiger Rush Slot Game Review

Set in the rainforest, you get to experience and easygoing adventure with Tiger Rush. The big difference between this game and a real trek through the rainforest is that you will be begging to see the tiger appear in the game. The sound effects and symbols are somewhat softer than other releases from the indie—but growing—game producer Thunderkick who also created Zoom. While many of the games we are used to seeing from them are high volatility ones with flashy, almost seizure-inducing graphics, Tiger Rush is a softer game and low volatility offering to their library. The gameplay is fairly simple, but with just enough bonus features to keep even the more experienced gamers attentive to every spin.

While you could set the auto spin feature to go for up to 5000 spins on its own and walk away from your computer or set your mobile device down, you will not want to ever look away from your screen because the game keeps you fully invested in the outcome of every single spin. Although the graphics and sound effects may not be as intense or flashy as many other Thunderkick games, they are still interesting, appealing, and attractive to players of all skill levels.

Software – Thunderkick
Pay lines – 10 basic and 25 in the free spins bonus round
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.10
Max Bet – $100
Jackpot – 1,783x wager possible on each spin during the free spin bonus round
RTP – 96.2%

Slot Game Features

This game features gemstone symbols in a variety of bright colors including blue, yellow, purple, green, and red. It also has a bird picture symbol and a flower picture symbol. The picture of a bird symbol is the highest paying one. Landing a combination of 5 bird symbols will win you 150 while 5 flower symbols win 100. The gemstones are the least paying symbols and will earn you anywhere from 10 to 50 coins per 5 matching symbols pay line.

Tiger Rush also has an expanding, sticky wilds feature. This occurs when you land on one of the wilds symbols in the middle 3 reels. The wilds symbol is an image of a tiger with a jungle leaf background. When landed in reels 2, 3, or 4 it will automatically expand to fill up all 3 rows of symbols in that reel and trigger a re-spin. The re-spin will calculate all the winning lines you get from the outcome and you may even trigger another re-spin to happen. To get a second, or even a third re-spin, you need to land on another wild tiger symbol in one of the other middle reels. In which case the tiger will expand to fill that entire reel up and then the next re-spin takes place with all the winning line combinations calculating up and adding to the spins final total.

Bonus Game

The major jackpot amount for this game can only be won during its bonus round. This bonus round is triggered by landing two scatter symbols, which are designated by the title of the game printed on a backdrop of jungle leaves and only appear on reels 1 and 5. Or, you can trigger the bonus round by landing on one scatter symbol with a wild symbol immediately adjacent to it in reels 1 or 5. So, if you land on a scatter in reel 1 with a wild in reel 2 or a scatter in reel 5 and wild in reel 4, then you trigger the bonus round.

The bonus round is a free spins round, and you get 5 free spins when triggered, but there are ways to win more free spins. First, if you land on two sets of two scatter symbols to initially trigger the free spins round then you get 10 free spins. For example, if you land on scatter symbols on reels 1 and 5 while also landing on wilds or scatters on reels 2 and 4, then you would trigger the free spins bonus round to include 10 free spins instead of 5.

You can also trigger one extra round of either 5 or 10 free spins to get added to the rounds total by landing on one or two of these scatter combinations during one of your original free spins. One thing to keep in mind is that you can only trigger a maximum of 20 free spins in any single bonus round.

Once you do manage to get a free spins bonus round to kick-off, you will immediately notice that the middle 3 reels expand to have 5 rows instead of the regular 3. Once they expand, the number of pay lines also increases from 10 possible winning lines up to 25 possible winning lines. This increases your odds of landing a winning combination and also opens up the possibility of winning the maximum amount of 1,783 times your wager. This major jackpot win is accomplished by getting all bird symbols in every position during the expanding reels free spin bonus round. You then get every one of the 25 pay lines to pay out the maximum amount and it is most often accomplished by getting sticky wilds in the middle 3 reels but can be won other ways as well.


Overall, this low volatility slot game is great for those who want an easy to understand the game with just enough special features to keep it interesting. The possibility of winning the exceptionally large maximum amount is a great motivator, especially when you compare this amount to other low volatility slots out there and notice the difference.

The game itself is softer appearing with enough action to keep you invested and on the edge of your seat while also not being too much and becoming overwhelming. It is a great starter slot for newcomers or a great slot to take a break from the high volatility and supreme flashy action of the many new slots that are regularly getting released nowadays.

Tiger Rush is exciting enough to live up to its name and offer you a bit of a rush, while also being a relatively calm slot game to play. It is easy to follow, once you understand the basic mechanics, and you can follow along with it, always knowing what your winnings will be from any symbol combination landing in the playing field. It is plenty of slot for those advanced players to enjoy while being minimal enough in its features to allow for even the most novice of players to follow easily. So, it is the perfect slot game for anyone who wants a simple, straightforward game experience but with plenty of exciting action and moving parts to keep you invested in the nail-biting excitement of every spins outcome.

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