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November 19, 2020

Warlords: Crystals of Power Slot Game Review

A unique and entertaining slot that is packed with exciting features. It is based around some medieval warrior characters like a Barbarian, Priestess, and a Samurai. The game follows these characters as they battle it out in an attempt to gain the full power of the area. Their battles are the basis for many game functions, and they are wild, exciting, and a display of power like you do not see in many slot machines.

The number of special features packed into this slot game is unreal and rare. There are special features relating to each of the three characters and they differ based on who’s special features you trigger. No matter how you look at it, you cannot beat the stunning visual animations and enticing mechanics of this game. It is one of a kind and something we hope becomes a trend because more slot machines could use a lesson from Netent on this one; they truly have created a masterpiece with the Crystals of Power game.

Software – NetEnt
Pay lines – 30
Reels – 5
Min Bet – $0.15
Max Bet – $150.00
Jackpot – 600 x wager on a regular spin, up to 6,666 x wager during Priestess bonus round
RTP – 98.69%

Slot Game Features

This game features a wild symbol that can stand for any other symbol except the scatter symbols to make a winning combination in any of the 30 paylines. Plus, there is the Random Overlay Wild bonus that occurs completely at random on any normal spin.

When this happens, there are three different versions that each have their own reward system. There is the Barbarian’s Hammer, the Samurai’s Sword, or the Priestess’s Arrow. With the first one, you can get up to four wilds on reels 1 through 4, the second gets you two to five wilds between those same reels, and finally, the last one can get you between two to five wilds on any of the five reels. These are super lucrative and will nearly always mean a decent payout for that spin. Also, it seems to show up at least once every fifty spins or so, sometimes much more often since it is at total random occurrence that this takes place you just never know when the next one will hit.

Another special feature of this amazing game is the scatter symbol. There are actually three different scatter symbols, one for each character. They are represented as colored flags that relate to each of the three main characters. You have a red flag for the samurai. Next, you have a blue flag for the Priestess, and finally, you have a green flag for the Barbarian. If you happen to land on two different scatter flag symbols, say a red Samurai one and a green Barbarian one, then the two characters jump out from the reels and do battle over the territory.

The winning character then changes the losers symbol flag to their flag, and you have two of the same symbol. But that is not the end of the spin, because this also triggers a respin feature that allows you a chance at landing the three of a kind scatter symbols you need to trigger the bonus game. If you do not land another scatter symbol of the same color as the two you already have, then the spin is over and the next spin begins. If you do happen to land on another scatter flag symbol of the same color as the two you already have, then the bonus game round begins.

There is even one final chance to land the three necessary matchings scatter symbols to trigger the bonus game and that is the Final Chance feature. Once your free respin has happened, and you didn’t get the third scatter symbol needed, then a rock gets thrown at the reels in animation. Wherever the rock hits will either turn into an instant cash prize, a wild symbol, or that third scatter symbol you so desperately want. In this way, NetEnt has given you every opportunity to trigger a free spin bonus round.

Bonus Game

In the bonus game, there are three different versions based on which colored flag scatter symbols triggered the event. Probably the most lucrative is the Priestess’s bonus game. In it, you will receive seven free spins with an increasing multiplier that goes up one notch with every scatter symbol you land on during the event. This can see multipliers in excess of eight to ten times your winning amount by the end of the round.

Next, is the Barbarian’s free spin bonus round. In it, you will receive nine free spins and a whopping three more spins for every extra free spin that appears in the beginning plus during all the original nine free spins. You can easily see fifteen or more free spins occur in this round.

Finally, you have the Samurai bonus round. During this event, you will get a total of five free spins. The interesting feature during this round, however, is that every single scatter symbol you land during those free spins turns into a wild, and that wild sticks in its place for the remainder of the free spins.


In all, the Warlords: Crystals of Power game is thrillingly entertaining and will have you captivated from the first spin to the last. With all the amazing special features it is a wonder that NetEnt makes any money on this one especially with the number of chances they give you to trigger the free spins bonus rounds. You will have a blast with this one, we know we sure did. Some of our reviewers said that they found their new favorite pokie while checking out this game, so we are sure that some of you will find a home in it as well.

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