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September 8, 2020

Zoom Slot Game Review

A cutesy and soft-colored game that is easy on the eyes and even easier to follow along with the winning procedures. It has some of the regular symbols like cherries, bells, stars, and 7s. Plus, it has other symbols that are all multi-colored fruit symbols like watermelon, grapes, and lemons which make up the average symbols. Then, there are the special wild and scatter symbols; which are designated by the word “wild” for the wild symbol, obviously, and a scatter symbol that appears as the word “Zoom”. The game’s music is a soothing and relaxing sound but with enough energy in it to keep you concentrated on the game and engaged in the outcome of each spin.

The 6 reels offer you a total of 64 pay lines to win on. So, there are enough different ways to win that you will often hit a winning combination, it is just a matter of how high paying the symbols are that you land on. The star symbols are the highest paying combinations. Then, the next highest paying symbols are the 7s and the bell symbols. These are followed to the end of the pay structure by the lower-paying fruit symbols that go from the grapes to the watermelon and then the lemons. Finally, the lowest-paying combination you can make is made up of the classic—but redesigned—cherry symbols.

Software – Thunderkick
Pay lines – 64
Reels – 6
Min Bet – $0.10
Max Bet – $100
Jackpot – 800
RTP – 96.2%

Slot Game Features

Although Zoom is a fairly simple slot game, it does have a couple of unique features that make it a very entertaining game to play. First, this game features a wild symbol that adds a little extra to each spin’s excitement level. It is designated simply by the word “wild” and it can stand for any other symbol, except the scatter symbol, to make a winning combination. If a wild symbol makes two winning combination possibilities within the same pay line, then the game will award you with the larger of the two winning amounts.

This feature makes getting some winnings from a spin that much more likely and also that much easier. Then there is the bonus feature of the Zoom game.

Bonus Game

The other interesting and awesome feature of this slot game is the Zoom scatter symbol enlarging, sticking, and bonus spin feature. The game has 6 reels with 4 symbols per reel, which leaves you with 24 symbols in the playing field. Then, the field is split into 6 sections that are each 2 symbols tall and 2 symbols wide. Whenever you land on a Zoom scatter symbol—shown as the word “Zoom” for the symbol—the whole 2 x 2 section where that symbol appeared turns into one large scatter symbol, it turns into a sticky symbol so it remains in place for the following free spin that is initiated. Then, the winnings get calculated by counting winning lines that would occur as if all of the four symbols within the one large symbol where a Zoom scatter symbol. The game adds your spins total winnings up and deposits them into your bankroll at the end of the spin re-spin bonus.

If you manage to land on another scatter symbol on the free spin, then the section where this second scatter symbol appeared turns into just one large scatter symbol, and another free spin is initiated. This can continue, adding free spin after free spin, as long as you continue to land at least one more scatter symbol in the re-spin because it then gets to expand and take over the entire 2 x 2 section. If you are then able to get four scatter symbols to enlarge and create a 2 x 2 section of these larger scatter symbols, then they all turn into one giant scatter symbol and the remaining 2 sections re-spin and the winnings get calculated. You can even continue to get 2 more re-spins after creating a giant scatter symbol by landing on more scatter symbols in the regular-sized symbol areas until you end up with one giant Zoom scatter symbol and two large Zoom scatter symbols, In which case you win every single one of the pay lines, calculated as having 6 scatter symbols per pay line.


In the end, because of the game’s simplicity plus its soothing sights, sounds, and rhythm, it is a wonderful game for someone looking for a bit of a softer gaming session that still has plenty of excitement involved. You will still be anticipating the outcome of every single spin; you will just not be bombarded with thunderous sounds or full screen, flashing symbols, and great bonus rounds. Instead, you get a straightforward game that has a soothing soundtrack that is set off by some easy on the eyes symbols that roll by at an easy to follow rhythm which allows the gamer to relax while still feeling the excitement involved with any good gaming session.

It is the perfect mixture of a relaxing game that still has the excitement and anticipation levels that make it a great choice for any gaming session. Zoom is a great game for those looking to take a break from the breakneck sights and sounds of some of the more flashy and involved games out there, especially when it comes to the newer 5- or 6-reel video slot games that get released every month.

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