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Who Is Peter Reed?

The credit for the Gaming SA webpage lands on the shoulders of one man, Peter Reed. Peter has been an avid gamer, playing at online casinos for many years. Through those years of experience, Peter found his favorite niche to play was to seek out those casinos that offer no deposit casinos and making free money by gaming smartly using that free deposit less bonus that the casino was kind enough to offer. Since he was already a very experienced gamer who knew all the ins and outs of most of the different games that virtual casinos offered he would stick to the ones he knew well and that he had the best chances of winning more money with that deposit less bonus so that he would make enough winning to work his way betting through the set wagering requirement that the casino had set up. His passion for gaming was satisfied by being able to, in his own way, work the system to make some free money by using this method of approach to playing.

Some accredit Peter Reed’s acute skills as a gambling gamer for his success in this tough approach, some credit his tenacity to stick with it and continue seeking out new casinos with these deposit less bonus offers to then use all of his knowledge and experience of gaming to turn them into a profit, and then some people just chalk up his success to pure luck. Whatever the keys to his success are, there is no doubt that this freebie approach to gaming is an intriguing one and we all hope he will grace us with some tips and tricks as we help him to produce the pages for this site. So keep a keen eye out cause we may just squeeze some of this invaluable information out of him as we rack his brain about everything gaming and create every page on this site of his. Whenever we do manage to secure a gem of his knowledge about the gaming world we surely will pass that informational treasure along to you to use in your everyday gaming and become more successful. We are all trying to beat the house every time we log on to one of these online casinos or casino mobile apps, it seems that one man has made a name for himself doing just that.

In gaining all this knowledge that now sets him apart from the average gamer, Peter spent years grinding away one game at a time learning how each one operated and the best ways to place his bets on each game or type of game to achieve the highest percentage of winnings possible and to continue playing within his limited budget. That was one key driving force that led him to do what he has done and that was a desire and passion to play games in any online casino. But with a limited budget, he had to find ways to get his gaming fix every day without breaking the bank. Winning was a must-do for this devoted gambling man and he tried everything to stretch his dollars out and make them not only last for a long time, but also win him the most returns to continue gaming for even longer while seeking that big payday that would cover his gaming costs for a long time.


The success Mr. Reed achieved in rare, and our whole team bugs him daily about how he does it. He is like the guru of online gaming and we all just try to squeeze out little diamonds of knowledge whenever he lets one slip or purposely sits us down and explains a particular strategy. Whenever he does this, we will be sure to include that information somewhere within these pages for you to discover and so our loyal followers who take the time to read through our pages and explore our site thoroughly will have all the knowledge they need to win enough to continue their gaming habits for longer periods than they would ever last without the concepts that Peter divulges to us, his staff. Trust us, he is very tight-lipped about how exactly he has done what he has done, so every time he blesses us with a tip we all run to our desks to try the strategy out for ourselves. Some experience better results than others. Each tip just contributes to an overall strategy that has proven to be so fruitful for him, so they are all worthy of a trial run at the very least.

It was Peter Reed’s tenacity to continue trying different things and scouring the internet for those casinos that were offering free money to gamers to try out their site with. Every time he came across one of these great bonuses he would take full advantage of the offer and spent time learning how to make his winnings last longer and longer in order to get closer and closer to that elusive wager requirement that was like a tall hurdle he just couldn’t jump. This continued until one day he played everything perfectly and passed the wagering requirement with some money left in his player’s account. It was that moment that changed his perspective on online casino gaming forever. From that point on he specialized in this particular strategy for earning some winnings without ever putting his own money on the line. It seemed like the perfect strategy for continuing his gaming career and even advancing to the next stage of being a professional gamer since he was now actually making money doing what he loved. It wasn’t enough to quit his day job, but it supported his hobby for a few days every time he came across one of these wonderful little bonus offerings and with such a huge supply of online casinos to choose from, he found a decent amount of these particular bonuses to continue with his winning strategy.

The best part of it all, according to Peter, was that he got to do so much gaming for free. He loved the thrill of a spinning slot reel and the anticipation of what cards lay in that other hand on the table. The excitement he experienced kept him hooked for years and years. Then, the more he played, the more he learned and the better he got at each type of game he focused on until he had a strategy for playing every type of game and knew how to wait it out for those major spins for free bonus rounds to finally occur to rack up some big winnings. He also figured out how to play all the odds for the table games and how to maximize his potential winnings versus the amount of his bankroll he was wagering. All of these skills set him up for his eventual success as a gamer and each conquering moment was a boost of motivation to keep him trudging along the path of the gambler. Until he reached the infamous level he is at today that led him to create this website for others to find all the information that he spent hours and days seeking out from such a huge and wide pool of websites that each contained one piece or another. That is when he realized the need for one site that contained all of the most important information for every game to have available all in one location. And so Gaming SA was born to fill that void.

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Gaming Site Alliance is created and produced by the Gaming SA team. Our mission is to bring you nothing but the best information on all the top casinos to play online.

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